Qualified Therapist

A network of therapists making counseling possible for all. GROW Restored qualified therapists are able to receive scholarships on behalf of their clients to supplement counseling costs.


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Qualified Therapist Network

Adam Glendye, LPC, CPCS

Allison Wray, APC


Chelsey Beauchamp, LPC

Christy Brown, LMHC

Roni Brocher,  LMHC

Victoria Hicks, LPC, AMFT

Laurie  Chandler, MA, LPC, NCC

Maliyah Coye, ASW

Kabian Brown, CSW

Courtney Hintermeyer, LPC

Dustin Ellis, Master of Family Therapy

Emily Ruggles, APC, CRC

Gret Machlan, MSW, LCSW, LCAC

Jasmine Tyson, Ph.D.

Jill Howgate, LPC

Joyce Geddie, LPC

Kim DeRaumus, LPC, CPCS

Kimberly McFarland, CSW

Lily Scivicque, LPC

Lisa Miller, APC, NCC

Mary Anne Sylvester, APC

Michael Kanner, APC

Mindy Pierce, LPC

Molly Halbrooks, LMFT

Porsha Jones, LMFT

Rebekah Jones, LPC

Tanya Thomas, APC

Taylor Ulrey, LMFT, LCMFT

Tiffany Tufford, LPC

Corey Petersen,  LCMFT

Dr. Jennifer Young, Psy.D

Beverly Herndon, LMFT

Logan Kafer

Nichole Walker


Dr. Loni Fillmore, Psy.D

Daniel D. Schreck, Phd

Brooke Santos, LMSW

Bethany Cabreja, MMFT

Katrina Stoddard, LCMFT, LMFT

Mayra Richards, LPC

Courtney Salter, APC


We provide scholarships to help close the gap between what someone can afford for counseling or in-patient care and what the therapist or facility charges. This helps directly address the main financial need.

Qualified Therapist


We partner with qualified therapists who agree to reduce their rates for our scholarship recipients. These therapists live and work in the communities and make a direct impact in the stories of individuals and families.