Our Mission

To provide access to affordable counseling for individuals, and resources to equip organizations actively doing good work around the world.

There is HOPE.

Because emotional health issues affect people of all income levels and geographical locations, and because we believe that quality clinical care should be available to everyone, we founded GROW Restored. We believe we CAN shift the direction of this crisis.

We leverage qualified therapists.

We partner with qualified therapists who agree to reduce their rates for our scholarship recipients. These therapists live and work in their communities and make a direct impact in the lives of individuals and families.

We provide scholarships.

Scholarship funds help close the gap between what someone can afford for counseling or in-patient care and what the therapist or facility charges. This helps address the main financial need directly.

We promote mental health education.

Through our unique platform and connection with qualified therapists, we are able to create much-needed opportunities to educate the public on mental and emotional health issues.

We envision a day in which people throughout the world are nurtured to wholeness so that they can walk out their purpose. A day where communities understand the impact of brokenness and embrace each other on the journey towards wholeness. We envision a day in which organizations everywhere partner with GROW Restored in developing the tools they need to increase the impact of the work in their communities.  
Join us on our journey as we seek to help people experience
hope, healing and restoration.