None of us planned for the ongoing uncertainty of 2020 to be a chapter in our story, yet here we are. 

How are we going to get through this? It’s obvious we need each other now more than ever, but how can we show up for one another when we are asked to keep our physical distance from each other?

How can we give and get support?

GROW Restored Foundation is offering FREE social support groups, called Story Groups. Story Groups are support groups of 4 to 5 adults led by a professional, licensed therapist. These groups are designed to support you through the uncertainty and times of stress.

Story Groups will give you community, encouragement, accountability, and resources. It’s social support in times of physical distance. Generally, groups meet 1-3 times a week for approximately an hour. You can sign up with a group of friends, family members, or individually.

How are Story Groups paid for?

GROW Restored Foundation is a nonprofit organization based out of Atlanta that exists to help people heal. GROW Restored provides counseling scholarships to people who cannot afford to get the help they need.

GROW Restored Foundation is offering Story Groups because we believe it essential.

All therapists who lead a Story Group are compensated for their time and effort, which is another critical piece of supporting our community right now. GROW Restored is able to cover the cost of this comprehensive community care because of our generous private donors. We are incredibly grateful for their investments in our community.

Participant Requirements:

  • You must do your best to commit to meeting at the scheduled time to maintain the consistency and flow of the group.
  • It is helpful if you know how to use Zoom or can follow quick instructions for getting set up (either on a computer or your phone).
  • Maintain a willingness to be open and transparent with your group leader and other group members.